Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Come, Easy Go

Yesterday I thought I was over-budget by $34.38...that's bad. Today I remembered my $51.94 refund from the cable company...yea! Then my carpool needed gas...oops, my turn to pay. That's $17.74 for me. Good thing gas prices are low! Total bill =$52.12. I am 18 cents over-budget. Not as bad as I thought but I still have 10 days left of this month and I am out of carrots, lettuce and apples. I hate starting a month off with over-flow bills so I am going to try not to go to the store. Let's not focus on what I don't have, let's think about what I DO have:

1 tomato
1 orange
1 yellow squash
1 can of pineapple
6 snack size cups of applesauce
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 large bag of frozen corn
1 small bag of broccoli/cauliflower mix
(No, I am NOT eating cactus again. I'm not that desperate.)

Yes, I do have enough vegetables and fruit to last me 10 days even if it isn't exactly what I feel like eating. The extra benefit of eating the frozen stuff is that I want to defrost my freezer before summer starts so the fridge won't have to work so hard. It is supposed to be 96 degrees tomorrow so I better start eating that frozen food!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

18 cents over budget! You should be ashamed :p

96 degrees? Wow! Supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow night here. Still haven't planted my garden. This is odd weather for late April.

Daizy said...

I know. Now I'm thinking that I should have tried to sell that stuff that I gave to the Goodwill. I'm sure I would have got 18 cents...maybe even 20.

I'll send some heat your way! My plants are already starting their daily wilt. No wonder I can't grow anything!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Look around in the couch cushions, or the floor board of your truck. 10 days to find 18 cents seems doable.

I'm ready for the heat.

Daizy said...

My couch is clean. I need to invite more people over with change in their pockets. I think I saw a commercial about that once. They invited people over and then shook them so that the change would fall out of their pockets.

Anonymous said...

It was totally hot today! I just got back from Parker and most of the weekend was beautiful. But today... hot! lol!

Yet, there is something so beautiful and peaceful about the desert.

enjoy your fruits and veggies. Least you have something healthy and potentially delicious on your plate!

Daizy said...

MoneyFunk, I am very glad it wasn't this hot on Saturday for the race. Tomorrow Phx will be 100. Still good lake weather though.

It was interesting to see how many fruits and vegetables I actually had even though I felt like I needed more. I should take inventory more often and maybe things won't go bad and have to be thrown out (which is what happened to my last head of lettuce I hate to admit).

Big Sis said...

It was 103 here yesterday. It's too hot to sit outside and too hot for the beach...the water is too cold (only 52). We turned on the A/C in APRIL!!! NO! I waited until 7 PM to mow so that it would be cooler but still light enough to see. And I only did the front yard. Thankfully the weather should cool off tomorrow. I can't deal with summer electric bills in the spring! And the heat is BAD for migraines!!!

Daizy said...

I'm glad I don't have to mow a lawn in this heat but I do have to do laundry outside. Just rip out your lawn and put in gravel. It's all the rage here:)

Petunia 100 said...

Are you a vegetarian?

Daizy said...

No, Petunia, not a vegetarian. I eat chicken a few times a week. I rarely eat beef or pork and I am not a big fan of fish. I tried lentils for the first time this year and I liked them. I hope to try more lentil recipes.