Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rental House Chores Are Almost Done

I was back at the rental house at lunch today spraying weeds and practically giving away the furniture to the new tenants because I don't have any more room for it. If I had another month I could get a few more dollars at a garage sale but what would make more money, a garage sale or a months rent? Definitely a months rent. The new tenants are thrilled with their good luck and I think they'll really appreciate the furniture so I'm happy.

After work I went back to the house, finished spraying the weeds, fixed the drip system and glued the linoleum patch. Only a few more boxes to move, plus a TV. Tomorrow should be the last day that I have to go to the house. I am so tired of spending my lunch and after work hours there. My mobile home is a complete mess too. I went in there to look for something and I have no idea where anything is anymore. It was stressing me out so I had to stop looking.

Good news is that my mobile home roof is patched. My movers were able to remove my swamp cooler and wood stove and patch the hole. It cost me $100 for supplies but I gave the guy my wood stove as payment for his labor. That's a relief especially since there is so much stuff in there now. It would be really bad if it all got wet.

After I finish up at the house the tenants just need to put the utilities in their name and they can move in. I hope there are no maintenance issues for many months. I need a break.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

You are finally almost done! These renters seem much better than the last ones already. Have you decided not to do the short term rental agreement next year?

Daizy said...

No more short term renters. I should make more money with long term renters and hopefully, it will be less trouble. My short term renters told me they were going to find a different place anyway. Their baby will be big enough for a more kid-friendly place next year. Good thing I didn't count on them coming back!