Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Things are getting done. I only have one more load of stuff to take out of the house so I should be able to meet my Wednesday deadline for cleaning out the house. Only a few chores left:

Re-attach the trellis to the wall in the yard
Fix that linoleum patch
Spray the weeds
Take down the decorations above the cabinets
Find homes for the rest of the furniture

I really wish I had a day off but I have to sit at work all day and think about what needs to be done. I cancelled cable and internet. One less bill. The rest of the utilities should be transferred by Friday. That will be fantastic to have only electric $50, phone $40, and internet $38. Much simpler.

Unfortunately, my mobile home is jam-packed with stuff now. I didn't have time for a garage sale and stuff on craig's list isn't selling much unless they're practically giving it away. I'll have many weekends of sorting and organising ahead of me...until it gets too hot and then I'll just ignore the stuff until Fall. I suppose I could hook up a window air conditioner for the summer. Well, that's a few months away.

Taking long hot showers were a lovely luxury (even though it felt wasteful) but I am back in my RV now so I will go take my 5 minute rainwater shower and save my money for fun things like...more water tanks! Ok, I'm strange, I know :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Glad you are almost done with everything. I know what it's like sometimes to sit at work and try to work while thinking about something else entirely.

Daizy said...

Zero productivity but I answer my phone and emails and keep the seat warm. That must count for something.