Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Hate Exercise

I don't like to exercise. I always hated PE (that's physical education for the non-US folks). The main reason I didn't like PE was that I was so bad at sports. How was I expected to learn anything about health and fitness when I was getting pummelled with a ball in dodge ball or struck out in baseball? And don't even get me started about the damage to my self-esteem from being picked last again and again. They say by age 30 you are supposed to be able to get over most of your childhood issues. Well, PE is going to haunt me forever.

Now that I am a grown up I have accepted the fact that I do need to exercise occasionally. I have tried different methods...running (I'm flat footed), biking (I'm afraid of traffic), sit-ups (they hurt my back and I don't see any results), aerobics (I lose interest). The only thing that I can do with any regularity is walking. I walk to the end of my road and back. There are ups and downs and flat parts. I can watch the clouds and pick rocks off the road, wave at the neighbors, and watch the wildlife. I've seen tarantulas, bats, lizards, gila monsters and bunnies. Sometimes the neighbor dog goes with me. When I reach the end of the road I am tired but I am forced to walk back. There is no way to cheat unless I catch a ride back.

Lately though, by the time I get home from work it is too dark to go for my walk. I can feel the pains in my back starting to return. Sitting in front of a computer all day is definitely not good for my health. Once again I'm going to have to do my RV March. That's when I march around my RV and my cat tries not to get stepped on. I turn on the TV and march in place, then walk around the living room in a circle and then step up and down the 2 steps to the bedroom. I'm sure it looks silly but I have to make do with the space that I have. In a few months it will be lighter in the evening again and I can resume my outdoor walks. Until then I'll do the RV March!


Sharon S said...

Hi there-oh, I'm exactly the same! I don't or won't go to a gym and I only enjoy walking too, but should really do more of it!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Marching around your RV probably helps the cat get exercise too. Dodging,weaving, and hiding is exercise isn't it?

RetiredAt47 said...

I have always hated exercise too. I do enjoy walking, but as I've gotten older, it just wasn't enough. I forced myself, a few years ago, to think through what I could do that I wouldn't hate so much that I'd give it up.

I've found that I can handle a few minutes of weightlifting every morning (I have a few sets of dumbbells and ankleweights). I just integrated it into my morning routine. I don't kill myself - just do about 15 minutes a day. I should probably do more, but it's better than nothing.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
I didnt realise dodgeball was an actual sport (my children made me watch the film - I didnt want to and it was as awful as i expected). I picutre little fat gits getting picked on now and pounded with a heavy ball. Mean!
Swimming is my favourtie exercise but I occasionally consider salsa dancing (it enver gets past the consider stage though!0

Anonymous said...

Try checking out some instructional youtube videos for some fun dance steps to add to your routine. I actually did look at beginning samba. You can samba through the RV and drive your cat crazy ;)

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

That should have read 'little fat kids'...wonder what i was thinking!!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

If you remember the show Freaks and Geeks, there are a couple of scenes with dodge ball pummeling,striking out it softball, and the pain of getting picked last.

Daizy said...

sharon rose, I joined a gym once and went twice. That was definitely a waste of money.

over the cubicle, the cat needs exercise but sometimes she jumps for my foot at the wrong time...poor kitty. Slow learner I guess.

retiredat47, I tried canned beans as weights once...but I digress...even 15 minutes is beneficial, just like saving money, every little bit helps. I need to think of other little things I can integrate in to my schedule.

lizzie, I just assumed 'little fat gits' was a UK term :) haha. Yes, the awful dodgeball is real. The old fear comes back when I think about it. I think I need therapy.

big sis, my cat is already crazy :P Samba would work, waltzing..not so much. Polka works.

over the cubicle, maybe that's why that show went away...too real and too painful.

KoBold said...

One changes over time. I hated running as long as others told me how far and what pace. Then at 33 I realized that i actually like it. In 18 months I worked myself up to run a half marathon.
I am not afraid of traffic and being a big city dweller, I cycle to work and love it.
Exercise watching TV: Try Nintendo Wii with WiiSports or that bathroom scale-like accessory. Be prepared for fun and sore muscles.

Daizy said...

Do you have a Wii, kobold? My sister has one and I tried it out last Christmas. We played bowling and her 7 year old threw that ball like she was pitching fast pitch softball. I thought she was going to hurt herself. Imagine going to the emergency room for a Wii sports accident!