Friday, October 31, 2008

At Least Gas Is Going Down

Do you know what I paid for gas today? $2.36/gallon. That is with my 10 cent gas discount from the grocery store. That is amazing. I didn't think it would ever get this low again. I wasn't going to spend another $20 at the grocery store to get my gas discount this month but then I had to buy the birthday cake for work and I decided to stock up on some things that were on sale. Turns out chocolate chips were on sale. Well, I won't have to buy chocolate chips for a while.

Tomorrow I am going on the Tucson Innovative Home Tour. It is a self-guided tour of homes around the city that use energy efficient building materials and systems like solar and wind power. I went on the tour about 5 years ago. It was very cool. There were some people with very little money who did lots of creative things to be energy self-sufficient like rainwater harvesting, solar hot water, a windmill, strawbale house, etc...And then there was an architect with a rammed-earth home. The walls showcased the different colors of soil used to make them. Very pretty, and a lot more costly. I hope I can get some good pictures. I am going on the tour with one of the women from work. She mentioned it in front of my boss and now he is going with us. He's going to drive and buy lunch so I only have to pay for my $7.50 ticket. It is supposed to be 90 degrees again tomorrow (Arizona refuses to believe that it isn't summer anymore) so I have to remember my sunscreen, hat and water. Hopefully it will be fun.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Get some good pictures. I would love to see a windmill - they are so interesting.

One can never stock up too much on chocolate. :)

Sharon S said...

Hi there-have a great time and I do envy your weather, it is freezing cold and raining here!!!

Daizy said...

over the cubicle wall, one of my neighbors is putting up a windmill. Probably the really small kind. I've only seen the big windmills used for running water pumps for cattle.

Yes...chocolate is good :) I keep a bag of emergency chocolate chips in my desk.

Hi sharon rose, I will try to enjoy the nice weather for you. Freezing cold with rain does not sound pleasant at all! Good baking weather though.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

TVA has some huge windmills in my area at their Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm. I need to get up that way and see them. I've seen some small ones for sale as a kits. Would that be a need or just a want?

I am starting to envision your desk jammed full of things to eat. Plus you want to live in an underground shipping container house. Are you part Hobbit? :P

Daizy said...

over the cubicle wall, have you ever driven through the windmills outside of Palm Springs, CA? Pretty cool.

I'm not a Hobbit but I might be part packrat.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I've never been further West than Oklahoma and Texas. A couple of opportunities to go past that fell apart. One of my early retirement plans is to see more of the country.