Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adventures In Defrosting

I was highly motivated yesterday. I made a list of all of the chores I have been putting off and even got out of bed BEFORE noon today to begin. I checked my email for my ebay payment, which was there as scheduled, packaged and labeled my box and headed out to the post office. Once there I found out the post office moved across the street...guess it's been a while. Mailed my package and went home to start the rest of the chores. Then I's going to be another HOT weekend. 95°F That means the chores I had hoped to do in the mobile home are not going to get done.

All is not lost though. Heat is good for defrosting the fridges. Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead. If any of you remember from this post my RV fridge died back in March. I was able to get a free circuit board replacement because I had the same problem less than a year before. But because the first circuit board replacement cost me $800! and the second replacement still cost me over $100 in labor, I turned off my RV fridge and bought a $50 mini fridge that sits on a table next to the RV fridge. I use the RV fridge as a pantry now.

I still needed my old fridge in my mobile home, which is probably a horrible money hog, for larger items and for the freezer space. 5 months later and there is a glacier growing in my mobile home fridge. The mini fridge freezer section, which didn't work well anyway, is frozen shut and the temperature in the main compartment has been rising. Both fridges are in desperate need of defrosting. I plugged in the RV fridge so that I can transfer all of the food but I should have turned it on yesterday because it is terribly slow to cool. It doesn't help that I keep checking it :)

I haven't bought a newer model fridge for the mobile home because it is very inconvenient to go outside and in to the mobile home whenever I want something, although ice cream is a motivator :) I don't want this arrangement to be permanent. When I decide what my future housing arrangements will be, then I will know what to do about my multiple fridges.

So I am posting while I am waiting for one fridge to cool. Then I can unplug the other 2 and try to contain the mess that will most likely follow.

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