Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Totalling the June Budget

After a month of carpooling I managed to save $40. That's a little over a dollar a day. I'm not sure that is worth the extra trouble of leaving early and staying late to match my carpooler's schedule. I guess I will try it for another month or so. Can you tell I'm not that enthused?

Even though I had to buy windshield wipers and light bulbs I still managed to be $196 under budget. That means I can put an extra $100 towards my mortgage. July isn't going to be as good. My truck really needs an oil change so I must do that this weekend. I should take it out of June's budget. Whenever I start a month off spending I usually run out of money at the end. Also I have been trying to think up a fun hobby that doesn't cost a lot of money. I can't seem to think of one. I need to make friends with someone who has a horse. It costs $27 for a trail ride up the road. Today I was thinking about buying a horse and selling it in a year just to have a horse for a while. It's a big responsibility and I think it would take up all of my free time and I'd have to give up my mortgage repayment plan. Oh well, maybe later.

I have also been thinking more and more about starting renovations on my mobile home. I don't have any money set aside for this. I think I should use the money I get from selling my stuff. I have to sell the stuff in the mobile home anyway so that I have room to fix it up. I guess that could be my new hobby. Definitely not a cheap hobby but it would be fun (and frustrating). I want to see if I can make it livable for under $5,000. If I find enough building material at the Habitat store I might be able to do it.

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