Thursday, July 3, 2008

It Seems To Be Raining Everywhere Except On My House

I would really like some more water. The weatherman said it would rain last Sunday so I emptied my collection tanks in to the jacuzzi to make room for all that rain. I barely got anything. Now it's raining again, everywhere but here. There was a lot of lightening so I didn't turn the computer on right away. I didn't want to lose my post before I had a chance to save it. We are supposed to get more rain this weekend so I am hopeful.

My homeowner's association changed management companies last month. I had just sent my 3 month check. The new company sent me a bill for the 3 months I just paid for. Now I checked to see if the check was cashed and it was not so I guess it got lost in the change over. I really wish they could keep things straight. I guess this means I will have to call them on Monday.

We had pizza at work today. They all wanted to chip in on lunch so I did to be social. I took the extra pieces home. I gave them all a chance to take them but they know I won't let it go to waste so they practically handed them to me. I put them in the freezer because I won't be in a pizza mood for a few days at least. I ate 3 pieces! If I bring them to work for lunch next week they will REALLY tease me :)

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