Friday, July 4, 2008

Trying Not To Splurge...Opps, Too Late

I had errands to run this morning. First the hardware store to look at bug spray options for my tenants. I opted for a spray that lasts 9 months and sticky traps for the ones that get away. Came to $20. That's all I'm gong to do. If my tenants want to sign up for $89 a quarter bug service they can. I can't see paying that when there are only bugs for 2 months out of the year.

Next, over to my boss's house to add chlorine to his pool while he's away. I agreed to do it because it was close to my next errand, the recycling bin. His house is still under repair from the water damage caused by a leaking reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink. The whole kitchen has been torn out. The workers have re-drywalled and re-tiled. It still needs carpet and the kitchen. The store didn't have matching cabinets to replace the bottom cabinets so he is replacing all of them. I guess if you have the money to spend...

While I was there I picked 4 little zucchini from his humongous plants. I didn't realize zucchini plants got that big. My zucchini in my pots are definitely stunted. Poor things. I bought a packet of yellow squash seeds at the hardware store and I planted 2 seeds among his zucchini. Sneaky, I know. Won't he be surprised if they grow and start producing yellow squash!

Then I stopped at the library where the recycling bin is and dropped off my collection. I only do that once a month. I am glad there is a place for us rural folks to recycle.

And my last errand was the grocery store. I had a $25 gift certificate but no list. I also couldn't think of any meals that I wanted. That was bad. I roamed the aisles trying to find anything interesting. I didn't end up with much real food. I did get a watermelon for $4 on sale. And I stocked up on soda with their buy 2 get 3 free sale. They didn't have my favorite kind, A&W, so I had to buy other kinds. I don't want to go back to the store for 2 weeks so I tried to think ahead. I bought a big chunk of cheese to freeze and some eggs, cherries, cereal and a giant container of goldfish crackers. I'm going to have to be creative if that is going to last 2 weeks. At the checkout the total was $115! Then I realized I had scanned my Fry's card instead of my Safeway card. Oops. Take off $51 in savings and the total was a more manageable $64. Minus the $25 gift card came to $39. Still more than I had planned to spend but not as bad as I thought.

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