Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ebay Wrap Up And More Rental Drama

I shipped off my Ebay boxes today. I had to take time off from work to go to the post office in the middle of the morning but nobody seemed to mind too much. My rolling luggage rack worked perfectly. I'm glad I didn't have any more boxes. I only had room for 6.

Total tally...8 diecast cars for sale, 7 sold for an average of $14. I guess that is an ok profit. It's not quite worth the trouble. Next time I think I will try some 'buy it now' prices and see if anyone bites.

I called up my renters to see what time they were dropping off the rent check. To my surprise they told me that the other family moved out. There were 2 families sharing a 4 bedroom house. I wondered how long 2 families would get along...4 months I guess. Now the remaining family wants to stay but they didn't have the full amount of rent since the other family left suddenly. I agreed to half of the rent now and half by the 13th with a late fee. I hope they can handle the whole amount by themselves. They have been good tenants so far. This does put my July mortgage pre-payment off for a few weeks. I'm not going to make the extra payment until the second rent check clears.

My renters also mentioned an abundance of spiders and 'water bugs' in the house. These delightful creatures come up the drains and under the doors when the rains start. I am reluctant to call an exterminator because they charge $89 a quarter. There isn't anything they can do about the drains. My tenants can put bleach in them and keep them closed. I would rather buy a safe pesticide for them to spray around the perimeter themselves and maybe some sticky traps for inside. I wonder if they will go for that. Can't hurt to ask right? Oh how I love being a landlord.

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