Monday, June 30, 2008

Finally, The Stimulus Check Has Arrived

Too bad I don't feel like stimulating the economy any more. This check is going toward my mortgage. When I get a rent check tomorrow I can deposit them together and send another jumbo mortgage payment. Yea! That is more interesting to me than buying something new at the moment. I have been watching all the things for sale on Craig's List and I have had to decrease my target profit from selling my stuff. I'm still aiming for 2 more years until mortgage freedom. I decided that $8,000 was more realistic for my RV and $4,000 for my stuff if I can find that much to sell. It is really hard to part with some things if they aren't going to sell for much. I have to work hard to evaluate how much I NEED it.

I am going to send my Ebay boxes tomorrow. I realized another mistake. I have 6 boxes and I can't carry them all in one load. Wait, I think I have a little rolling luggage where did I put that? And the USPS website wouldn't let me purchase postage online. It kept saying 'internal error' so I don't get that discount. Hopefully I will be more organized on my next Ebay adventure.

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