Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Selling Stuff Is Hard Work

And I haven't even sold anything yet. All this scurring around trying to find all of the pieces, original boxes, manuals, etc...replying to emails and phone calls for more info and meetings, it's tiring. I have an appointment to show the serger on Sunday and I just arranged to show my sewing machine to a lady tomorrow at my work. I sure hope my boss doesn't mind! This means I have to carry the machine to work on my lap since I am carpooling. I hope she buys it because I don't want to have to cart it back home. It will be worth it if I get my asking price, $200.

I hope to use the money to either pay down my mortgage or fix up the mobile home. I haven't decided yet. I have a handyman coming out to give me an estimate on Saturday. I have been reading about mobile home renovation and if I am careful I think I can stay under $5,000. I wanted to put new siding on the outside but I think I can just repair the loose panels and replace some missing skirting then pressure wash and paint the outside. That will be much cheaper than new siding. The handyman said that he lives in a mobile home so he has experience. I hope he can give me some money-saving ideas.

I'm not in a hurry to fix up the mobile and sell the RV since the RV market isn't very good right now. I just want to fix the mobile home's electrical problem, pack rat problem and leaking roof. That would be a huge improvement.

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