Thursday, July 10, 2008

My First Craig's List Sale!

Good thing sales isn't my day job. I am such a push-over. I dragged that sewing machine to work and showed it to the buyer at the office. She told me a story about how it costs $90 to service a sewing machine and we should split the cost. I really wanted to sell it so I agreed. I am happy that it is gone. I have a nice empty shelf in my RV. That sewing machine was living in my air conditioned RV because it was electronic and I didn't want the heat to ruin it in the mobile home. I figured out that I paid $6.21 per month to own that machine. I bought it for $300 plus tax and owned it for 28 months. I don't think $6.21 is too bad. I learned a lot too. I learned that I don't need such an expensive machine to sew. My free Kenmore that sews straight and zigzag is pretty much all I need right now.

Time to sell the serger next. I hope I stick with my $200 price. I am going to drive over to the buyers house so I have to pay for gas. That should count for something.

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