Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Raining...Finally

Giant monsoon raindrops are falling on my RV. Finally I get some rain. It rains across town, it rains across the street but it just doesn't want to rain here. I have a good feeling about this storm, I am going to get some water.

In other news, I have a bite for my serger. A woman wants to see it. She is very interested but we can't seem to arrange to meet until next Sunday. She says she sews costumes for a youth theater group so it sounds like the serger would get some use. That would make me happy. No one is interested in the sewing machine yet. They sell for $300 brand new on ebay. I wonder if I could get $200 for it. Shipping would be around $50, that's a lot.

I bought a gift for my nephew online today. I think I spent about 4 times as much as the item was worth but that's what happens when I don't plan ahead. I could have just sent a card and money but I wanted to send an actual gift. Oh well, my gift fund is seperate from my regular fund so I had the money budgeted. I just don't like spending more for something for the convenience but sometimes I do it when I run out of time.

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