Monday, July 7, 2008

Borrowing From Myself

I was chatting with my Mom today about my plans to renovate my mobile home and she asked where I was getting the money for this project. Oh, um, well, I'm sort of borrowing it from your vacation fund Mom. I have $4,000 set aside to pay for a trip for my Mom. I promised to take her where ever she wanted to go once I got a real job. I've had a real job now for 8 years but something has always kept us from going on a trip. Now I have this plan to fix up my mobile home and the most convenient place to borrow money from is the vacation fund. I could wait until I sell enough stuff, that would probably be a good idea since I need to de-clutter, but it would be so nice to get started on the project. I'll pay it back, really I will. It might add a month or two on to my mortgage re-payment plan but I'll pay it back eventually and by then maybe we will both have time to actually go on a trip.

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