Sunday, July 20, 2008

Procrastination Only Makes Things Worse

Some things don't want to be ignored. My leaky roof is one of those things. I thought I could ignore it because it hasn't leaked that much, maybe because it hasn't rained much lately. Last night it rained really hard. That was good for my water tanks but bad for my mobile home.

Yesterday I spend an hour going through some of my stuff in the mobile home. I noticed that one of my bags of fabric was all moldy. I wasn't sure how that happened since it was under a table. Today I went back in to continue sorting my stuff. When I stepped on the rugs in the hallway they were squishy. Not just damp but really squishy. So much for sorting. I decided to find out where the leak was coming from exactly. I mean, I knew it was leaking around the chimney and swamp cooler but it seemed to be travelling in the ceiling.

After ripping out part of the wet ceiling tiles I found one of the culprits. The water is coming in to the ducts, not exactly sure where, and they have corroded. There are a bunch of holes. I moved some of the things underneath the wet area and put a tarp down with buckets to catch any more water. The bad thing is I am not sure where the water is going to drip next time. I hope it rains when I am home so I can move the buckets in to position.

My Handyman hasn't gotten back to me with an estimate on fixing up the mobile home. I asked him to break it up in to categories, fix the roof, plumbing for kitchen sink, upgrade electric. Maybe fixing the roof won't cost very much.

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