Monday, July 21, 2008

My New Mortgage Total for July

Drum-roll please....and my new mortgage amount for July 2008 is...$61,003! Any one want to contribute $3? I like those zeros. I know they don't mean much but I like them anyway. Next month I will jump down to the $50,000's. It will be around $59,000 but still, it's in the $50's. Not like those builders that advertise homes in the "High 100's". I know what that means...they mean $199,000. That's no where close to the $100's in my opinion.

I still need to sell $55 worth of stuff to reach my $500 goal for August. I moved my next $500 goal back to October (from September) because I think it will be harder to sell that much. I don't have many large items left. I did find some sewing supplies that I can sell, elastic, fasteners, etc.... I have a 30 gallon water heater that I might be able to get $100 for. I never hooked it up. The only problem is the logistics of selling it. As long as the person comes by on the weekend it will be ok. There is no way I can drag that thing to work. My dirt road was partially washed out with the rain last Saturday which will make it unpleasant for them to drive down. But to pick up a water heater they would have a truck anyway.

7 months have passed and my plan is still chugging along. So far so good.

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