Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Water Filters Are Not Fun

I would think that in 6 years the design of this whole house water filter would have changed to make it easier to change the filter. No such luck. I think I have changed the filter twice on the first one I bought. I don't use that water much anymore so changing the filter isn't necessary right now. But that isn't the point. The last time I tried to change that filter I broke the PVC pipe it was connected to.

So, I bought another filter just like the old one. I guess I thought something would make this one easier to unscrew. This one is even worse. I can't get it screwed on straight! It is soooo frustrating. I pinched my arm, bent my fingernail back and bruised my knees trying to get it to screw in straight. Finally I gave up and used it anyway because I needed more water. 1/3 of the water went on the ground but most of it went in the tank. Good thing I have a lot of water to spare right now.

The next day I tried again. I managed to get it apart and tried to screw it in again. It seemed to be a little straighter but it still leaked, not as badly as before but it shouldn't leak at all.

This filter is supposed to be saving me money, not causing new headaches.

Anyway, on a different topic, when I came home tonight the sky was very dark to the south and it was starting to sprinkle. Since my buckets are not positioned right to catch the drips in the mobile home I went in there and waited for the rain to start. It never did. Oh well. I guess it is better that it didn't rain. I just hope that I am home next time it does so I can move those buckets.

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