Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keeping An Eye Out For Coupons

I don't change my own oil. I suppose I could if I wanted to but it's hot and dirty and I don't want to crawl under my truck. The most I do with my truck is fill it with gas and change the windshield wipers once a year. I might even wash it twice a year...maybe.

It was oil change time (over-due actually) so I found a place near another place I had to go today. I found a coupon in my recycle bin for $24.99 and drove my truck over. The guy at the counter said it would be an hour and a half (remember to make an appointment next time!). I gave him my key and I walked across the street to the hardware store.

On the way back I picked up a copy of the local newspaper which was free. They used to deliver that paper with our mail but I guess it was making the mailboxes too full so they stopped. Back at the oil change place I saw that my truck was already in the service bay and only 25 minutes had passed. That was a good sign. I settled in to the waiting area and read my paper. Down at the bottom of one page I noticed a coupon for the place I was at. This coupon was for $19.99! I ripped it out and went to the counter. My truck was already waiting outside. I asked if I could use my new coupon and he say yes. I saved another $4 and it only took 40 minutes and I was able to run my errand at the hardware store too.

It was a good morning.

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