Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One More Use For Plastic Wrap

Make your own swamp cooler cover!

I used contractor's stretch wrap. I tried this idea once before so I already had the plastic wrap at the mobile home. Last time it blew off. I hope I did a better wrap job this time. Now that I look at it, I should have added more duct tape at the bottom. Oh well. I wrapped the chimney too. Let's hope I don't forget that before I try to start a fire!

I opened the sides of the swamp cooler and it looked like it had been very wet in there but I couldn't see any obvious holes. Perhaps the water travels under the blower motor. It should rain again this weekend. Hopefully I will be home and it will be during the day. I can go sit in the mobile home and see if it dares to drip on me!


Anonymous said...

Can rain go through swamp cooler especially blower motor? There was a leak at the house where water leaks through the hole in the utility room from the roof. I wonder how you solved the leak?

Daizy said...

Water shouldn't get in through the cooler unless the bottom is rusted, like mine was. I had to have the cooler removed and I patched the hole. Now I use window air conditioners.