Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Does Fresh Fruit Mock Me?

I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I just can't seem to keep my fruit on a schedule. Last Friday I was determined to buy healthier food so I bought fruit. I ended up with a container of strawberries, 4 bananas, 2 peaches and a seedless watermelon. I wanted the strawberries the most so I started eating them first. I should have frozen some but I just dove in. I had strawberry waffles on Saturday and an ice cream sundae with strawberries on Sunday. I didn't want to eat the peaches or bananas yet. I was saving those for work lunches.

Then Monday came and I noticed the peaches were very ripe and the bananas were well on their way. Ok, now I have to eat a banana, a peach, I had more strawberries in the fridge and a giant watermelon waiting to be cut up. Tuesday was the same. That last peach was close to over the edge, the banana was perfect, the strawberries were going down hill and I cut up the watermelon. Wednesday the peaches were gone, whew, I was getting tired of bananas, I ate the last of the strawberries finally and I brought 2 containers of watermelon to work because I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish it at my usual rate. Today I ate my last over-ripe banana and continued to eat 2 containers of watermelon, one for breakfast and one after lunch. Tomorrow, I only have to eat 2 containers of watermelon.

I think I'll take a week off from fresh fruit. Fruit stressed me out. Maybe I should switch to something safe like canned fruit cocktail.

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