Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Chance For An Extra $30, $60, or $120 On Groceries

Tomorrow is the last day to get your gift cards at Kroger stores with an extra 10% thrown in for free. Check out Stimulus Check Promotions for a list of stores. I decided to go with the $600 gift card at my local Fry's. I usually shop at Safeway but now that I am carpooling we meet at the Fry's parking lot so it is more convenient. I didn't like the idea of carrying a gift card with over $600 on it but they split it up on 2 gift cards with $330 on each. While I was buying mine other people were asking about them. It seems like a popular campaign. They only had Happy Birthday and New Arrival cards left. That's ok. I don't care what the card looks like.

Now I have to decide what to do with my extra $60. I am certainly not going to use it on food. I am $45 short of my $500 goal for selling stuff this month. I have been lazy about listing more things. I am tempted to use $45 of that $60 for my mortgage. I shouldn't though. I should think about my stuff getting ruined by water leaking in my roof and that should motivate me to sell it before it is worthless. I'm going to keep that $60 around until I think of something I really want.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I check your blog every day or so to see how you are getting on with your mission. I get a bit mixed up because we call things by differnt names over here but do you have some land, a truck, a house which you rent out and a mobile home? or are there more things or less? Is your land a long way from your work? Sorry, I am nosey!
If I was you I would buy a small car which uses very littlel fuel, sell everything else & build a little log cabin on the land. You can live in it and build on when you can afford it. Check this out.

Good luck


Daizy said...

That is definitely a cute little cabin! I want to build something like that but I decided to put it off for a while while I pay off the mortgage first.

My situation is confusing. I should write a post explaining it more.

For now, I have a house in town which I rent out. I live in a 5th wheel RV (recreational vehicle) which is parked next to an old mobile home that I use for storage. I own 4.5 acres that the RV and mobile home sit on. I do have a truck. I have thought about trading it in for something more fuel efficient but the truck is good for driving on the rocky dirt road that leads to my property and for hauling stuff so carpooling works for now to save money. Work is about 25 minutes away.

My original idea was to sell my house last summer but I didn't get any offers and the housing market keeps dropping. I listed it for $187,000 last summer and now it is only worth $160,000 according to It is worth more as a rental.

So, while I wait for property values to go back up, I am concentrating on the mortgage.

Thanks for reading! I am thrilled that you are visiting my blog all the way from England!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
Yep, I am watching your every move (but not in a stalker kind of way obviously!)
The same thing has just started to happen here, acouple of my friends have taken their houses off the market and are getting more for them as rentals. I think property prices will be back up to last years value within about three years so hopefully you aren't stuck in the mobile homes for too long. Good luck. Shame the mobile home isn;t it good condition or you could rent that out as well!


Daizy said...

Yes, I have considered getting a newer (used) mobile and renting it out but I hate being a landlord and if I had to live next to my tenants I might go completely mad!