Thursday, July 31, 2008

Discount Trees From The Electric Company

Out here in the desert we are encouraged to plant native shade trees. One way they do this is to offer discount trees from the local electric company. I pay $8 for a 3 foot, low water use tree and promise to plant it so that it will shade my house and lower my electric bills. I used this program last year to get a Desert Willow tree for the backyard of my house and I loved that tree. It grew very fast and the flowers were so pretty.

Now that I am living out here on my property I need more trees. I have been gathering seeds and baby trees from friends but I want to speed up the process a little. Since I have $60 of fun money (from my grocery gift card purchase yesterday) I think I will use some of it to buy trees. I want a Desert Willow, a Mesquite (hopefully thornless but not guaranteed), and an Ironwood. They will grow fast and soon produce more seeds so I can plant more and more and more! I can grow my own little desert forest!

Right now is a good time to get the little trees because I have plenty of water and it will rain often. Next year they won't need much water at all.

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