Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Already?

This week went by kind of fast, I don't know why. I'm glad it's Friday. I watered my baby trees everyday but I think only 2 are still alive. I got many mosquito bites from standing still too long, carefully watering them. That is bad. I don't want West Nile Virus. I mailed my check for my big trees today. Perhaps I will hear something in a month or so.

Tomorrow I said I would go to a friend's Pampered Chef party. I really don't like those things. I don't get excited over expensive kitchen gadgets. Now, if it was a group trip to the thrift store I would be excited. I bet I could find Pampered Chef stuff at the thrift store.

I'm planning my big grocery trip. This weeks ad has frozen dinners 10 for $1.50 each. I usually don't buy frozen dinners but I'm getting tired of spaghetti so I think I will buy 10 dinners to have as back-up when I really don't feel like cooking. They have cookie mixes on sale too so I will buy them now and save them for my niece's college care-package when she goes back to school. I think it is funny that they have ice cream on sale, 10 for $2.50 each. Where am I supposed to put 10 half gallon ice cream containers? This weeks ad is definitely aimed at larger families with an extra freezer.

If I spend $100 I get 10 cents off per gallon of gas at the station outside. I usually don't spend $100 at a time but with careful planning I can stock up on non-perishable items that are on sale. With very careful planning I might even be able to make this my only grocery shopping trip this month. Now that would be an accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

The Albertson's here has a lot of 10 for sales, which is a group of items you can count in the 10. Smith's (Kroger's other places) will usually allow you to buy less than 10 at the same rate. You might ask and find out if that is the case in your area.

Anonymous said...

You have a whole month to accumulate your $100 worth of stuff, if you are shopping at Fry's. Then you will have till the 15th of the following month to use the 10 cents per gallon off. Also, you don't usually have to buy 10 items to get the price. They "suggest" it. BTW, you are doing a great job in staying focused on your goal!

Daizy said...

Thanks for the tips.

I wanted to spend the whole $100 because I need gas today. I'm not feeling motivated to do a $100 shopping trip though. Too bad I have to go in to town for the party. That's not a good attitude is it? Ok...I'm glad I have the opportunity to get together for a social event today...(but not really).