Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A-Planting We Will Go

My boss made good on his word and brought me 4 baby mesquite trees today. Many city folk consider baby mesquites weeds but I have a lot of sparsely treed land out here that needs some low maintenance tree variety. I tried to pick spots where the water naturally drains off the hill and then dug small trenches around them to collect water when it rains. That's if the animals don't eat them tonight.

Ideally I would wait until I build a house here one day and then decide where the landscaping should go but that could be decades from now if ever. If I want mature trees I am going to have to start now. I am planting them in the low areas so that they aren't blocking my view and I can already strategically plant them to block the neighbors. Later on I can dig up one of my own trees if I need to landscape around my house. It's like my own little nursery out here.

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