Monday, June 9, 2008

The Vacation High Has Worn Off

Gee, I've only been back a week and my attitude has taken a nose-dive. I was hoping my little reprieve from my life and job would carry me through the summer. Nope. The job is boring and frustrating again. The rest of my life is not so bad but it could be a whole lot better if I could download those songs I bought from Amazon. That is so frustrating. I am waiting until 8pm for my night minutes to kick in so I can call their customer service.

Good things: -I caulked my loose window in my front RV door. Now if it EVER decides to rain, it won't leak.

-I have enough water for 6 more weeks. It has to rain in the next 6 weeks. It just HAS to. It always does.

-I found one light bulb and was able to make my flickering light stop flickering. I need to replace the other bulb too but it is ok for now.

-It is still cool enough to go for a walk outside if I wait until just before the sun sets.

Bad things: -Those music downloads are driving me nuts. I just want my little songs. I paid for I want them.

-Carpooling is ok but I am not sure it is worth the trouble. I really don't like staying late. I'll stick it out for the whole month though.

-I can't find the box for my solar light or the receipt. I always save boxes and receipts. I am afraid it got lost when I moved out of my house last January. I am sad. That was a $75 light!

-It is getting hotter and my electric bill is going up. Last bill for my renters and my RV was $300!!! And May isn't even that hot. Just wait until August. I am going to regret paying my renter's utilities I think.

-My poor garden is dead. It was fun while it lasted.

Oops, I have more bad than good. Well, I have am employed and I have my health. Those are 2 good things. I just need to rant once in a while.

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