Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amazon Customer Service-I Talked To A Human!

After attempting to buy and download music for 2 days I finally called customer service. I waited until after 8pm so I could use my night minutes. Customer service is open until 10pm which is very convenient. Amazon has this service where you put in your phone number and they call you. I guess this is supposed to be good if you are one of those people that still have a home phone. My cell phone charges me either way. So, I put in my number and my phone rang. That was cool. It was a recording telling me they would connect me with a live person...then it disconnected. I tried again...same result. I tried the old-fashioned direct number and made it to a real live person. She sent me on to a download specialist (downloading is a very common problem). I was afraid I would get disconnected in the transfer but I managed to get another real live person. He was able to re-activate my downloads and direct me to the correct page so I could try again. I kept that poor guy on the phone while I made sure my slow computer was successful. I was so happy that it worked! I am very pleased with Amazon customer service.

Now that I have 4 new songs to listen to at work my day goes by much quicker. Anything to make work go by quicker is great. Today was so busy that I barely had time to listen but that's ok. Just knowing that I had them available made going to work a little more bearable. And every day of work gets me one step closer to my ultimate goal: financial freedom.

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