Sunday, June 8, 2008

Am I The Only One Who Is Incapable Of Downloading?

I must be doing something wrong. Downloading songs is supposed to be so simple and least that's how they make it sound. I have 2 gift cards from my birthday. One itunes and the other for Amazon. After spending many hours downloading the itunes player, figuring out how to search for songs and finally finding one to download, I couldn't figure out how to redeem my card. The itunes card says "click itunes store, click redeem". That's not a choice on my screen. The help section said, click itunes store, then account. Nope. Finally after many frustrating attempts I clicked the button to purchase a gift card and there was a redeem option. Unfortunately, the screen wouldn't open. I tried twice and gave up.

On to the Amazon gift card. I've used those gift cards before so at least I knew how to use it. The search part was ok, I found some songs and clicked purchase. I started getting carried away, it seemed too easy. After 3 songs I thought I should make sure the songs were actually downloading. Nope. The order says pending. How long is this supposed to take??? The help questions don't say anything about the speed of the download. It has been hours now and I am still waiting. At least with traditional mail orders they tell you a delivery date.

All I want is to go for a walk with new songs on my mp3 player. That's not too much to ask is it???

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