Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Is Heating Up With No Rain In Sight

104 today. I'm glad I had my RV air conditioner cleaned last April. If it went out now I would be cooking. I've experienced that before and don't want to do it again. The only way to sleep was under a wet towel. People lived here without AC for many years with adobe homes and sleeping porches. I'm just spoiled I guess.

I filled up my RV water tank today. I should have 5 weeks of water left. I'm positive it will rain in the next two weeks so I am not conserving water as strictly as before. That means more water for the shower and toilet. Oooh, I feel so extravagant! Seriously though, conserving water has become part of my routine and using a little more makes me think twice. Next year shouldn't be this hard since I bought an extra 400 gallons of water storage. I told a co-worker that I lived on rainwater and he said "No you don't. You would have to store it and filter it." Yes, that is what I do. I don't drink it though.

Now I am waiting for the temperature to drop so I can go for a walk. It has dropped from 100 to 97 in the last hour. Another half an hour should be good. I'm just happy I can still go for a walk in June. I was sure it would be too hot even after the sun went down. I am pleasantly surprised.

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