Sunday, June 15, 2008

Re-Adjusting The Budget

My 6 month car insurance bill arrived this week. I opened it and divided by 6 months in the hope that it went down and I can add more money to my miscellaneous category. But No! It went up by $4 a month. How depressing. I remember why. Last December when I changed my home insurance to a rental policy, they took away my multi-line discount. I don't think that is fair. I still have 2 policies with State Farm. I think I should still get the discount but obviously they don't agree. They suggested I could insure something else but they don't offer mobile home insurance and that is how my RV is insured. Perhaps I should buy a boat or motorcycle :)

Just another budget category that is going up. Gas, food, property tax... I've cut back on food and started carpooling to save gas. There isn't anything left to cut except from my mortgage prepayment plan. I would hate to cut in to that but at least I am glad it is a voluntary plan and not controlled by a bank.

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