Friday, June 20, 2008

Memory Upgrade Success!

Yes, I did it! I had serious doubts after my first attempt to upgrade my computer RAM memory resulted in a scrambled screen. The nice fellow with customer service from computer memory outlet made some suggestions, one of which was removing the current memory module and placing the new module in its place. I also learned how to find the screen that tells me how much RAM is in each slot. After replacing the module in the first slot I was thrilled to see that the computer recognised it. Then I put the module that used to be in slot one into slot two and it was recognised too! I am so glad that it worked out. My computer seems faster although I did just remove some unused programs and cleaned out my temp files. I hope the new memory made a difference too.

Now I have a 128 MB and a 256 MB module for a whopping 384 MB of RAM. I know, I'm a little behind but this computer meets my needs for now. The next one will be a laptop I think, in 2 or 3 years.

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