Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Baby Step Closer To Cleaning Out The Closet

I haven't actually gotten rid of anything yet. Giving things away would be much easier than selling but I am looking for a monetary reward to help me severe my attachment to my beloved stuff. I looked in my closet and picked out 8 collectibles that I could list on ebay. I bought them when I had a much higher paying job and my co-workers introduced me to Nascar. I bought the cars off of ebay in the hopes that their values would rise. I also had a plan to sell them locally at the swap meet but I couldn't get anyone to sell with me and I couldn't figure out how to watch over my stuff and take bathroom breaks. So now I am going to list them on ebay and see what happens.

I did a few preliminary steps: I picked 8 die-cast cars. I took them out and photographed them (that took forever because they are in so much packaging!). I edited the photos. And I looked up similar items on ebay to see how to describe them in my listings.

That's as far as I got. Maybe tomorrow I will list them. Then comes the part I really don't like...packing and shipping! The auctions need to end on a Thursday so that I have enough time to package them on Friday and go to the post office Saturday morning. If these items sell for as much as I paid then it will be worth it. I just want my money back. If they sell for more, then I will be thrilled. My guess is some will sell for more and some for less so it will all even out. But first I have to take the plunge and just start the bidding!

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