Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Upgrading My Phone Plan

Or maybe not. Since my cell phone is my only phone I have been going over my allotted minutes lately. Extra minutes cost 40 cents! I either need to stop answering my phone or get more minutes. I don't want to be completely anti-social so I looked in to upgrading my phone plan with Verizon. Verizon just sent me a coupon for a free month of service if I signed up for another year long contract so I did. Now I am regretting it. My plan is 300 minutes and 3000 night and weekend minutes for $35. Nights start at 8pm. The next best plan is 450 minutes for $40. Sounds good, 150 more minutes for $5. Here's the catch...with the new plan, nights start at 9pm. I have already told people to call after 8pm if they can. I am not going to ask them to call after 9pm. Sometimes I go to bed at 9! So, if the people that I talked to after 8 are now calling during peak hours, I will probably need more than 150 extra minutes. That doesn't save me anything. I will still be going over my minutes. The next plan is 900 minutes for $60. With tax that would be over $70 a month. I can't do that, although I just paid $100 in overages...ouch.

Maybe I should stop carrying my phone around with me everywhere I go. Would it kill me to let people leave a message once in a while? Maybe if I didn't answer during the week, people would call me on the weekend when I have plenty of minutes. When people only had home phones they didn't worry that no one was at home to answer the phone. How did I get so attached to my phone???


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could use Skype or other voice software (MSN, Yahoo etc) for computer-computer calls instead?

Daizy said...

I did try Skype but my computer isn't fast enough for the calls to sound clear. Maybe when I buy more RAM I will try Skye again.