Thursday, May 15, 2008

Times When A House-Sitter Would Have Been Handy

A friend of mine went out of town last week and returned to an unpleasant surprise. His entire house was flooded with an inch of water. A pressure release valve blew on his water purification system under the sink. It is amazing how much damage an inch of water can do. It must have happened soon after he left because the water had soaked in to the drywall and started to mold. All of the furniture, drywall, carpet, lower cabinets, etc...are ruined. His insurance will cover most of the damage but not the mold. Many policies exclude mold damage even if it was caused by a sudden leak. It will cost him around $5,000 to have the walls treated and certified free of mold. In the mean time he has to move in to an apartment for about 2 months while the repairs take place. Not a pleasant home-coming.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this sort of emergency really makes me feel that I will be so glad when I am debt free. I am hoping to build up a good amount of savings as well as investments to provide me with passive income so that whatever emergencies I have, I will be able to easily manage to pay for them

Daizy said...

You never know what can happen. I wonder what my renters are doing to my house right now...leaving the water on, ignoring the termite tunnels...eek! I don't want to think about it.