Friday, May 16, 2008

My Spring Harvest Begins

It's not much of a harvest. So far only 3 pea pods and one zucchini but every edible item is a small victory for me. Sadly, only one pea plant survived. I should plant more. I started these fellas early in the green house and then moved them outside as soon as it got too hot for them inside. It is a lot of work to water them everyday. They will only need water until it starts to rain but that is still a month away. This next month is crucial. It is supposed to be 100 degrees next week. If I can keep these plants alive for the next couple of weeks then my efforts will be worth it. Last year I lost everything except the tomato and strawberry plants to critters and the heat.

The tomato plant grew like a weed as soon as I planted it. It has a lot of green tomatoes. They will probably start turning red right when I go on vacation in a week. Not so perfect timing. There are plenty more that will ripen later if I can get my neighbor to water them for me while I am gone.

This is actually my first zucchini ever. I know people say they are easy to grow but in the desert, in a pot, is not that easy. I wasn't even sure they would grow in a pot. I am going to eat this one tomorrow (if something doesn't eat it tonight!). It would have been easier to buy peas and zucchini at the store but I like the challenge and I think they taste better. If I wasn't watering my garden I would just be watching more tv anyway and I get a little more exercise hauling water by the bucketful, always a good thing.

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