Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Additions To The Wardrobe

Well, they are new to me. I went to the thrift store again. I actually went there for something else and I found out that my favorite thrift store had disappeared. No relocation sign or anything. Maybe I just didn't see it. So, I went to my next favorite thrift store a block away. They didn't have what I was looking for but I decided to look through the clothes just in case. This thrift store is expensive to me, $4 for shirts. I only found a couple items that were half off. Unfortunately, the shorts were a little too small (I hate trying things on in a thrift store) but the shirts all fit, yea! I could keep the shorts if I went on a diet but come on, let's be realistic.

It is supposed to be 100 degrees next week so the short sleeved items will work nicely. I like wearing tank tops with a shear shirt over because the AC can get cold in the office and it keeps the cold breeze away but is still cool outside. I still need some shorts. I only have two pairs right now. I rarely wear shorts but maybe I would if I had some I liked. I can't wear them to work so they aren't a priority. Anyway, I am happy that I have some new items to mix and match with my old outfits and I only spent $40. Now I just have to wash them all.

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