Sunday, May 18, 2008

Emptying The Fridge

Since I am going on vacation in a week, I need to plan my meals so that I finish off the food that will spoil. I don't know why I bought a whole head of lettuce last week. Now I'm going to have to eat salads every day. Salads are good for me so it's not really a bad thing. I just don't like taking them to work. I will this week though. I opened a jar of spaghetti sauce too so I guess it's going to be spaghetti and salads this week.

What else do I have...Cheerios or bagels? If I open the box will I eat them all or will they go stale? The bagels are frozen so I could eat them one at a time without thawing the whole package. Hmm, I don't have a lot of perishable food, which is a good thing. I have 2 more pieces of birthday cake that I got sick of. I don't know if I will eat those or not. Looks like I'll be eating the same thing all week. I don't really mind. I'd rather eat it than throw it out.

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