Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Water Pump Woes

I don't have a picture of my new little water pump so I will have to describe it. It is one of those sump pumps that I could use to drain a pool or basement. I just stick it in the water and it pumps the water out through a hose. The last water pump used a hose that went in to a bucket and then the water drained through another hose. I thought this new pump would be easier because I could just drop it in to my water tank and I wouldn't have to mess with buckets.

So, I get home, undo the lid of the tank and try to put the tank in...but oops...the pump is 1/2 inch too big! Ahh! So much for my easy method. Now I will have to siphon the water out of the tank in to a bucket and then pump it to my main tank. This pump is really fast too so I have to stay near it to turn it off when the water level gets too low. Perhaps I should try using a larger bucket so that it doesn't drain so fast...hmm, that's a good idea!

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