Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunching On Leftovers

Actually, they aren't all leftovers. I made chicken Alfredo with spinach specifically for my lunch. I made 3 servings which just enough so that I won't get sick of it. Plus I have a leftover serving of spaghetti so I should have enough lunches for this week.

I also cut up a seedless watermelon, strawberries and a cheesecake in to individual servings so that my lunches aren't boring and I have something to look forward to.

For snacks I bought honey wheat pretzel sticks, dried fruit, and granola bars. It is tempting to eat all of the new snacks first but I want this food to last for 2 weeks so I am going to have to pace myself. The strawberries and watermelon won't last long so maybe I will splurge on another watermelon next week (or perhaps I should go back to eating the carrots that I am neglecting...hmmm).


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Planning is always the key for me. It is a discipline, though ;)

Daizy said...

Yes, and seeing food go bad is good motivation!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. I hate seeing food being wasted especially now my toddlers creae so much waste by spilling food or messing with it and not eating it.