Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Use For Sharpies

I usually wear liquid eyeliner on the top lid and regular pencil eyeliner on the bottom. I don't know why I started doing that but now it's a habit. Sometimes the liquid liner dries and flakes off especially if I touch my eyes at all. I don't carry extra make-up in my bag although I suppose I should. It is really just a lunch bag. I hate purses because I forget them places and I don't like to carry things. Usually I just carry my wallet in my pocket. The other day the liquid liner was being troublesome while I was at work and I was trying everything I could think of to try to re-wet it and smooth it out again. I even tried drawing a line with a pencil lead but it didn't show up very well.

Today I touched my eye and messed up my top eyeliner again. I tried a pencil but it wasn't working so I opened my desk drawer and there it was...a fine tipped Sharpie! It worked perfectly. Heck, why do I even buy make up? Sharpies are much cheaper. I suppose they aren't tested for use on the skin but for emergency touch-ups they are my new hero!

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