Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting Hotter

It's getting hotter here in Arizona and that makes me tired. I had to turn on the AC this evening. Pretty soon I'll have to leave it on all day. I am not looking forward to those electric bills. Since I am paying for my rental house's utilities the bill will look outrageous but hopefully I charged enough extra rent to cover it. I didn't expect 8! people to move in to the house though. The spring and fall months should offset the summer bills. If not, this will be an expensive lesson and I definitely won't try it again next year. It might work out. I have a $700 cushion. Some of that should be saved for later repairs and maintenance but at least I won't have to pay out of my own pocket just yet. Now if I have to replace all of the carpet and repaint when they leave then I will be hurting.

One thing I need to do since it is getting hotter...put some shade up for my plants. I am quickly running out of water for them. Anything I can do to help them need less water is a plus. I tried stringing up a crude tarp/shade but it has been windy and so far my ties did not hold. I'll try again when the wind stops.

Also, I need to brush the cat more often. She is shedding like mad and even though I feed her hairball control formula, she still hacks one up every once in a while (I know you are cringing Mom!). She always manages to hit the carpet too. Could she aim for the linoleum once in a while? Oh no. That would be too easy to clean up.

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Anonymous said...

The problem for not charging extra for guests electricity is that they are likely to use more than they would at home. My in-laws have a holiday cottage and they always complain because the guests leave the electric heater on all the time - even overnight and when they are out and it costs them a lot of money. There are ways they could save money - such as fitting a radiator and having a boiler which would not run on electric and so be cheaper. Perhaps you could consider providing your guests with some fans which might be cheaper to run.