Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not the Right Time To Sell?

I read an article today and now I can't find it again. I hate that. I found it at work and now that I am home it has disappeared. I don't know if it was on a blog or in the online newspaper. Anyway, this article was talking about how people are selling their things on Craig's List, ebay, and other sites to make money to pay for the ever increasing prices of food and gas. It said that Craig's List 'for sale' items were up 70%. The bad part was that there are so many things for sale that their value is going down.

Last year at this time I sold my embroidery machine on ebay. I just happened to pick the week before Mother's Day(I think that helped) and I sold it for more than I paid for it. Actually is was the design cards that really got people bidding. I bought the machine used and the store owner threw in about 20 design cards for free. Who knew they would be so popular? This year I was thinking about selling my serger since I don't use it. But after reading that article that said the price of items was going down because so many people are selling, I think I will hold on to my serger a little longer. I don't need the money right away and I don't want to just give it away. Maybe I could actually learn how to use it. Now that would be the most productive option.

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