Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Staying Motivated For Long Term Goals

It is only the third month of my mortgage repayment plan. If things go really well(like my house is rented consistently for the next 4 years)I can have my mortgage paid off in just under 4 years. If things don't go quite as well, I think I can have it paid off in 5 years and 4 months. Sometimes I have to admit that I am tempted to scrap the plan and try to get a construction loan. The state of the loan industry and the high cost of building keeps me from jumping the gun.

I have to remind myself that most of the problems that I encounter out here will not be solved just because I build a house. True, the structure will be new but things still happen. In the last couple of weeks I have had an appliance die, bees try to nest in my wall, and a nasty smell wafting up from the heater vents(pack rats plus warm weather=stinky!) Those things can happen in a new house too. Then, not only will I have repairs on 2 houses but 2 mortgages too. No, I need to be a little more patient.

The things that make living out here special can be enjoyed without a real house. The sunsets are beautiful. The view is spectacular. The wildlife is enchanting(I haven't seen any rattlers or scorpions yet this year!) Yesterday I saw 3 deer trot across my property. I don't need a house to appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

It can be tricky to stay motivated. I find that writing down my goals and the reasons that I have for wanting to achieve those things really helps. Everytime I look at them it gives me some new energy to work towards them.

Daizy said...

Oh yes, I love lists. Sometimes I question my priorities though. It's that whole saving-versus-living balance that gets out of whack. Somedays I think I am being too frugal and not living enough.