Thursday, March 27, 2008

Practicing Self-Control At The RV Candy Store

I finally made it to Camping World after work today. I was thinking that I had to go during my lunch break but then I looked up the store hours and they are open until 7pm so that gave me plenty of time to stop by after work.

They have so many things that make RV life more comfortable. I wanted one of everything. I went there for a $2 plug for my water inlet and ended up with $30 worth of stuff. It could have been much worse. I was looking at the $350 RV surge protector. It would be good to have but right now I think I will buy some individual surge protector strips for the TV and mini fridge. My computer already has one. That still leaves the water heater, pump and AC unprotected. I just have to hope for the best for now.

What I bought was another in-line hose filter. It is good to have a back-up. That costs $23. Then I bought a $5 spout to make filling the water tank easier and some replacement light covers for the ones that have disintegrated. I wanted to buy some tire protector but it was $38, a new latch to keep my door open (I'm using a rake propped against the door right now), and new trim for the whole RV. The tires are pretty old and should be replaced anyway so buying stuff to protect them probably isn't worth it. The door latch and the trim are things I should buy before I sell this RV so that they don't decay and have to be replaced again.

I don't have an RV maintenance fund set up and all of these little repairs are adding up. I hope this is it for a while. If not I should set some money aside. All of my extra budget money is going towards repairs and it is a bit discouraging.

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