Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Fridge News And DTV Stinks

Yesterday I talked to the RV repair guy who fixed my fridge last May for a whopping $800. He told me the circuit board only had a 90 day warranty but he called back today and said the fridge company, Dometic, is going to send a replacement for free. That is so nice of them! Unfortunately, Mr. RV Guy's rates went up and now he costs $75 just to show up and $85 per hour. Ouch. I decided to go ahead with it anyway and while he is here he can check out my AC to make sure it is in good condition for the fast approaching summer season.

I also decided that I am going to unplug the fridge once it is fixed and keep using my mini fridge. I'm not sure which is worse, using the fridge and having to fix it every year or not using it and risking a problem when I try to turn it on in a couple of years when I want to sell this thing. Right now I feel like risking it. If the mini fridge breaks it will only cost $50 for another one on Craig's List. Just to get the RV repair guy out here costs $160!

So, I looked for a table for my mini fridge so I can get it off of the floor but I didn't see one on Craig's List. Then I thought I should check the Habitat Store since it is near my work and I can get there on my lunch break. They just happened to be having a big furniture clearance sale. I found 3 tables that might work and then I sat on them to see how well they stood up to a heavy weight. I bought the sturdiest one. It is almost exactly the same size as my fridge. The feet of the fridge are set back a few inches so it should be quite stable on the table. Now I just need to move one of the rocking chairs out to the mobile home and get the fridge on the table. I think I might have to call a neighbor again.

Now, about the DTV. When I got home today all 4 of the PBS stations said 'no signal' plus 2 other stations said the same. What good is digital if the stations won't show up??? I unplugged it and went back to my antenna. At least if the analog signal is weak I can still see the TV show. I really hope they improve their digital signal before next year, if not, they will have a lot of complaints.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The technology just is not reliable and the general public was never honestly told of its pitfalls, that is how capricious DTV signals are. We should have been given genuine information to let our government know how to decide on this question. Once again we have been left in the dark. I wonder if we can undo the damage to the public airwaves?