Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainwater Harvesting- Frugal or Extreme?

I am addicted to rainwater. I have 3 tanks right now with a total capacity of 925 gallons, plus my RV tank which holds about 70 gallons, and then there is my hot tub which holds about 200 gallons. Some may consider it extreme but rainwater collection is cheap, it is my primary water source and I want more!!!

If I had more tanks I could take longer showers and I wouldn't have to worry about running out of water in June. I use an average of 50 gallons a week right now but my showers are lightening fast. My showers used to be limited by my RV water heater but now I am afraid of running out of water.

My largest tank has a serious problem. It is leaning backwards against the garage. The concrete block underneath it is deforming the plastic base. This is terrible! That's a $400 tank!

I found one on craigslist right down the street for $300 for 425 gallons. It is shaped to fit in the back of a full size pickup but it would crush my little truck. I don't intend to cart my water around anyway. I have to decide if I really need it. If I buy it I can transfer the water from my big tank and fix the base. Then if it rains again I will have lots of storage space. But is it worth $300? Where will I get $300?

Part of me wants to buy it now and find the money later. Normal people are tempted to buy shoes or video games. Not me. I have a weakness for water tanks!

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