Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time To Do Those Chores I've Been Avoiding

Now that I can focus on one home instead of juggling two, I have time to do some of those chores that I have put off. First gathered all of my old mail and sorted out the documents for filing and threw away the rest. I don't think I had organized my mail for about 6 months. Every time I would go to my house I would collect it in a bag, then I would be back in my RV and the bag would get buried on the chair, back to the house and a new mail back, back to the RV on the chair....

I also had 7 bags that I collected from the house cabinets. All of the food I had left for my short-term guest I brought to the RV. Now I have to eat it. (I mean, now I GET to eat it)

I also e-filed my federal taxes finally. I used FreeFile with H&R Block. I hope I did it right. It was the first time I had to deal with rental income. This year I must remember to keep some of the rent for next year's taxes. I owed $103 this time which wasn't too bad but I wasn't prepared to pay anything. I am usually good at breaking even. I haven't done state taxes yet but I am pretty sure I won't owe anything because I gave a large school donation. I hope to get a little back.

I did get outside this do laundry. I washed my bed sheets with my super-water-conservation washer. That means I recycled the rinse water from the last load to use as wash water, caught the wash water to water my plants later, hauled rainwater bucket by bucket for rinsing and collected the rinse water to use as wash water next time. Hey, it was a free workout too!

Plus I was carrying full watering cans up the hill to my plants while the washer was doing it's thing. Since I will be out here to look after the plants, I planted beans, zucchini, peas, and sunflowers. I still want a tomato plant but I haven't been to a store that sells them recently. I'll put it on my list.

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