Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little Tenant Wrinkles

Little tenant wrinkles are those little details that have to get smoothed out with new tenants. So far I have had to deal with their super-fast move in (and my super fast move out). Dropping off a modem for them yesterday morning (I thought they had one). And now their cable phone doesn't want to work with my Qwest internet. They offered to switch to cable internet and subtract it from the rent. It should be around $30. That is fine with me. The only problem is that next February when my other tenants come back, I need to have a cable modem available for them to use or else I have to switch back to Qwest. Cable modems seem pretty common on Craigslist and ebay. When I was looking for a Qwest modem last January, all I could find were cable modems.

Now I am waiting until 8pm, my free minute time, so I can call Qwest and cancel the internet for the house. Calls to Qwest always take at least 20 minutes. I am very glad that I was able to get out of that "price for life" contract last month for my RV internet. I think I might have to cancel my RV internet and transfer my "price for life" contract from the house out to the RV. I hope they don't make it that complicated though.

Other than those little wrinkles, my tenants are great. Ok, they have only been in the house for one week but so far, I think they are great. I hope they stay great.

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