Friday, March 7, 2008

On The Phone Over An Hour But Qwest Finally Came Thru

Yesterday I said that my new tenants wanted to change their internet to the local cable company instead of Qwest. I thought that wouldn't be too difficult. I would call Qwest today and cancel the service at the rental house while the tenants will set up their own service when they want. So, at 8am this morning I call Qwest customer service. I get put on hold, I get transferred, finally I start to explain what I want. The tricky part was that the rental house had a 'price for life' contract on it but my RV service is a month to month contract. If I cancel the rental house service it would cost $200 for an early termination fee the agent said. I thought it would be easy if she transferred the contract to my RV account and then cancelled the rental house. But no, she couldn't do that so she set up a complicated plan to cancel my RV service, then transfer my rental house service to my RV. 45 minutes later she was confident that she had everything worked out. I was not so confident especially when cancelling and restarting service is involved on a Friday. I was sure that I was going to come home tonight to find no service at all.

After lunch I had a message waiting from Qwest. They reviewed the service orders that were entered by the first agent and they wanted to clarify what I wanted. I called this new person back and she decided that it would be much simpler if they just cancelled my rental house service, waived the $200 fee and left my RV service alone. Yea! It only took her another 30 minutes to get the computer straight and to cancel the previous service orders.

In the end, I spent an hour and 15 mins. on the phone, most of the time on hold, but I am very happy with the out-come especially since I came home tonight and I am still connected!

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