Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Present For Me...My New-To-Me Mini Fridge

Yesterday I found 2 mini fridges on Craig's List but neither person was home when I called. This morning one person responded and said the fridge was already gone, too bad. I searched again on Craig's List using words like- mini, fridge, and refrigerator and I found another mini-fridge mis-categorized in the 'furniture' category that had been listed yesterday. Things in the wrong category are great because less people find them so there it less competition. I sent an email right away and the person called me back around noon. Even though it was on the other side of town I headed to their house right away so I could get it. It took over an hour to get there!

The fridge was on the back patio and she had plugged it in so I could see that it worked. That was very nice of her. It was a little bit bigger than I expected but still small enough to fit in my RV so bigger is better! I paid her $50, her husband loaded it in my truck (it is really nice to have a truck sometimes) and I headed back home with my prize. My only problem now is that it is too heavy for me to carry and getting it through the door with only 2 inches of clearance will be tricky. I have left messages with a couple of friends and neighbors so maybe I'll get it out of my truck tomorrow. I am hoping to take out one of the rocker-recliner chairs and bring in a desk that the fridge can sit on so that it is off of the floor. I'll need more muscle for that little project. Right now I would be happy if it was on the floor in front of my dead fridge.

I wasn't sure what size my mini fridge was so I started looking on the Sear's website since it is a Kenmore.
They had a:
1.7 cuft. fridge for $75
2.7 cuft. for $120
4.6 cuft. for $170
5.8 cuft. for $300
and a 6.0 cuft. for $400

I measured mine and thought it might be a 5.8 cuft. The ones I was looking at yesterday were only 4.6 cuft. Than I looked at the manual that the people gave me and it said it was a 6.0 cuft! Wow! It would have cost $400 if I bought it new!

I love my mini-fridge. Now I can put off my RV refrigerator repair until I have saved up the money. It costs $60 just to get the guy to come out and tell me it is broken! That's more than my mini fridge cost. I will love my mini fridge even more when it is safely inside my RV and full of convenient, cold food!

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